Why damming Isimba Falls will destroy tourism on River Nile

Why damming Isimba Falls will destroy tourism on River Nile

taken from the Daily Monitor: September 14th 2013


“The proposed dam is likely to tamper with commercial activities along the course of the river like white-water rafting and kayaking operations which many believe will affect more than 100 tourism businesses in Jinja and beyond.”

“It would end adventure tourism in terms of rafting and kayaking on the river causing a major drop in tourist numbers and affecting businesses around and thousands of people who benefit from it. In the July 2013, World Bank Economic and Statistical analysis of Tourism in Uganda, adventure tourism was cited as the third most popular trip activity for leisure tourists coming to Uganda.

The 2013 World Bank report on Tourism in Uganda also indicates that leisure and cultural tourists spend 30 to 100 per cent more than other types of tourists per visit to Uganda

The total economic impact of the expenditures made by these half-million foreign tourists while in Uganda is large; expenditures totalled Shs1.1 trillion and generated Shs2.7 trillion of GDP

Depending on the dam model adopted for the Isimba hydro power project, Uganda stands to lose most of its revenue from adventure tourism.

It is estimated that up to 100 tourism businesses in Jinja and beyond could be adversely affected directly or indirectly by the dam construction and these include banks, mechanics, boda boda cyclists, supermarkets, clinics, phone companies and farmers, among others.”


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