Are you involved in a business that will be affected by the Isimba dam?

If you are involved with a business that’s likely to be affected by the downturn in tourism in Jinja caused by the Isimba Hydro Power project in its current form, you can help by:

– Ensuring your company has completed the questionnaire that counts toward an independent study that’s taking place next month. (Your company should have received this via email in the past two weeks)

– Liking and sharing the Facebook page “Save adventure tourism in Uganda” 

– Ask your visitors to complete the following short survey:

If you have not yet received a copy of the questionnaire for the independent study be sure to let us know on 


Not sure you’ll be affected? 

If the Isimba dam goes ahead, in its currently large scale form, white water rafting and all river based activities will cease to operate. Destroying this major attraction with have a huge impact on all tourism businesses in Jinja and further afield. Please read the ‘Mission Statement‘ for more details. 


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