Meet Francis

Francis Ochiti – Bujagali Business Owner

“If they go ahead with the big dam then it’ll be like burying the Ugandan people alive, we will have no options left but to suffer the consequences.”

Francis grew up in Jinja and ran a successful cafe before the Bujagali dam. With that dam in place and the cafe business no longer viable he has downscaled, but; Francis, his child and the others that he supports, including his wife who also works in tourism in Jinja, all rely on the Nile’s whitewater to bring in their customers. Francis talks about life before Bujagali dam, life now and the effect that Isimba could have not just to the local tourism but to tourism in Uganda as a whole. 

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Meet Juma

Part one in a photo series by freelance photographer, Sim Davis, looking at those affected by the impending Isimba dam project.

Juma Kalikwani – White Water River Guide

“I call the Nile my foundation for what I am today”

Juma, from Itanda, has represented Uganda and Africa at the 2012 Olympic games as part of the team introducing kayaking to the crowds in London. He grew up next to the spectacular falls and over the years has built up a career where he is now an internationally known river guide. 

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Photo ©Sim Davis 2013